Adam "The Right-Left Wing Moderate Cowboy" Davis (natywat) wrote,
Adam "The Right-Left Wing Moderate Cowboy" Davis

havent posted here in months

jess finally broke up with me for good, and went back to the dude she was with before me. only her and the dude think this is a good idea. her whole family doesnt want her with him, and she told me before that the dudes parents and friends dont really like her. (i have no idea why though, because she is an incredible person) so naturally i have been all depressed. its her life to live though. she wanted to remain my 'best friend' and i dont think she understands that means constant pain for me. when she made this decision i said i couldnt see her for a while. that didnt really work. we kept talking and it kept getting worse for me. one day i just lost it and told her i couldnt do this. we are not going to talk or see eachother for about a month. we'll see how things are then. i love her and care about her more than anything and im not going to abandon her. im very sad and i miss her all the time. the language im using here does not reflect how i actually feel.

ive just been working

i need to be on my way there right now.

there are loose talks of me working in the absolute entertainment office doing various odd jobs such as web design, print design, promo stuff, overhauling their ms access database, photography...just stuff i usually do. im not banking on this though or expecting anything to happen very soon.

within the next couple weeks i will be moving in with my friend nicole. last night we found a great place right outside of lakewood. its a good location and i could ride my bike to pretty much anywhere i'd need to go in dallas. the place is a duplex and our part of it is 900sq feet. i was over in the area last night when she sent me the links so i drove by and its pretty nice. also its an upstairs/downstairs floorplan with one room up, and one down with bathrooms in both places so we would be fairly separated and not sharing a bathroom. it would be like we both have our own little place, which hopefully will make the fact that i'll be living with a girl more palpable for some people. so ideal. this is the first place she found, but i think its pretty perfect. we're going to look at it asap. edit: nikki just called them and it looks like someone already got it. sadface.

also, that iraqui journalist was pretty unethical, yeah?
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