Adam "The Right-Left Wing Moderate Cowboy" Davis (natywat) wrote,
Adam "The Right-Left Wing Moderate Cowboy" Davis

 living in dallas is great.

i love coming home and being at my house.

my roommate is wonderful. we split/share everything.  i dont know if thats how it usually is but it wasnt like that in denton.

on wednesday night i was supposed to go see jess, but somehow i wasnt sure if those plans were actually for sure, even though apparently i did say i would come.  i dont know where my mind went on that one.  so she is really mad at me and doesnt want to see me for a while.  i feel pretty bad about that.

that night i did laundry and rode my bike. 

last night i also rode.  went to the opening at nicole's gallery and took pictures.  then i went to blackfriar and saw katie for a little while. she was busy.   after that i went to vickery park.  that was weird.  i got reeled in by a gay dude who had befriended this girl who just got done having a terrible date with a guy she met on eharmony.  we (me and the girl, not the gay guy) had a decent conversation for like 45 minutes and then things went south.  i sorta got quiet like i do and just kinda starred off into the distance and was apparently making odd faces at her.. .heh.  she kept asking "what are you trying to do? why are you looking at me like that?"   frankly, i was a little out of it due to scotch.  she also said a couple times "what youre doing isnt working for me. it might be cute to some girls, but not me"   i was definitely not trying to get with this girl.  maybe she thought i was.  i really kinda stopped responding to her after a while.  i mean, i did respond, but my replies were completely devoid of any real meaning.  so at that point she got pretty insulting and kinda made me feel bad.  the last thing she said to me before she left was "i dont see shit"  (in me)

i dont know man.. . i just cant communicate with some people.

that was the first random person i had a conversation with in dallas.
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